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Are You Searching for Presentation Tips?

presentation tipsConducting presentations aren’t unusual especially for people in the business field. If you are looking for presentation tips,  is the ideal place to start. PowerPoint makes creating presentations easy as it has wizards to help you out. Here are some tips on how business professionals can create better presentations:

a.         Inserting your Company Logo on Each Slide

1.         Click on the view menu, select Master -> Slide Master. You may also simply hold Shift and click on the Slide View button.

2.         Next, go to the Insert menu and select Picture, from File.

3.         Look for your company logo or the picture you want to insert to your slides.

4.         If you want to resize, use the size handles located around the picture.

5.         Move the logo where you want it to appear.

6.         To review your slide show, click on the Slide View button again.

7.         If the logo is preventing another object or part of the slide from being seen, you can go back into Slide Master View and relocate the image.

Avoid Awkward Introduction

Don’t make the audience wait while you launch the software and open the PPT file in edit mode. As an alternative, save a copy of your presentation as a PPS file so that when you double-click the icon, the file will immediately open in slideshow presentation mode.

Manage the Audience’ Focus

Presentation Tips PowerPoint tutorials can effectively guide you to succeed in managing the audience’ focus. At times, the most effective strategy during a presentation is to leave the screen blank therefore redirecting the focus back to what you are discussing. PowerPoint has a hidden tool which can allow you to turn the screen black or white quickly. Here’s what you have to do:

If you are in slideshow mode, alternate-click on the active slide.

1.         Go to the shortcut menu, select screen. You can choose between black screen and white screen.

2.         Left-click on the slide when you are all set to continue the presentation and redirect the focus back to the screen.

If you need more presentation tips, PowerPoint can give you what you need. This software is both user-friendly and effective.

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